Martial Traditions

Martial Traditions is a unique school of martial arts located in Dalton, Georgia. Founded on the principle of propagating tradition martial arts in the North Georgia area by confident and respected martial artists. We are interested in martial arts with a tradition of self-defense, self-discipline, physical conditioning and a known history of “real world” application. Martial Traditions features Bob Byrd’s Kodokan Judo and Kai Sai Kung Fu (aka Chinese Boxing).

Kodakan JudoKodokan Judo was founded in 1882 by Dr. Kano Jigoro as a synthesis of Jujutsu styles that were becoming extinct in Japan. Martial Traditions brings the traditional form of Kodokan Judo to our school by way of Master Bob Byrd. Master Byrd’s over 45 years of experience brings a high level of Judo to our school.

Kai Sai Kung Fu is itself a synthesis much like Judo. Our Chinese Boxing comes to us by way of Master Kai Sai (Christopher Casey). Master Kai Sai spent a lifetime in Taiwan and the United States learning and mastering many disciplines of Chinese Boxing that make up our vast curriculum.

Kai Sai Kung FuAmong the systems of Chinese martial arts that we study and teach at Martial Traditions are:

  • Wing Chun (Yim style from Master Lo Man Kam, nephew of famed teacher Yip Man)
  • Jeet Kune Do (technically Jun Fan Gung Fu, the fighting system developed by Bruce Lee from Mr. Lee’s senior student, Taky Kimura)
  • Tai Chi (Kai Sai curriculum)
  • And other superb Chinese systems

We offer opportunities for Judo competition on the local, state, national, and international level, but most importantly we offer the opportunity to learn a martial art that will serve you in life in a safe and professional environment.

We are looking forward to having you in one of our classes.

Kid's Judo

How Judo Benefits Kids

“Winning a championship is a temporary accomplishment – being a better person is for life” We believe that martial arts benefits kids well beyond the benefit of other sports. We particularly think Judo is the most practical and beneficial of the martial arts. Judo was designed with children in mind, after all, when Dr. Jigoro […]

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Griffin Lee - Judo

Georgia Games Judo Championships 2014

Our guys did a great job at the 2014 Georgia Games Judo Championships in Atlanta, GA. Dalton’s own Martial Traditions is making inroads to being one of the top Judo schools in Georgia thanks to the hard work by our players, coaches and families. We sent Roy Johnson, Griffin Lee, Jake Gray, and Mikey Phillips […]

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Master Bob Byrd

Master Bob Byrd Brings World Class Judo to Dalton

Three Time World Masters Champion, Bob Byrd, brings a world class Judo program to Dalton, Georgia Bob Byrd, three time World Masters Champion and 7th degree black belt in Kodokan Judo, announces he will be leading all levels of Judo instruction at Martial Traditions in Dalton, Georgia on Thursdays. This program dubbed “Master Bob Byrd’s […]

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